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When it comes to prices we try to serve as an example to the rest of the industry, thus we set out prices competitively enough for the rest to not raise them without a valid reason. We offer packages for women who want more than one baby via these methods and we also pay our donors monthly when they are in the six month process of donating sperm. 

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About Sperm

At our company we like to think of our team and our clients as one big family. All the couples we’ve helped have kept their close relations with us and our consultants and we are always there for emotional and medical support when it’s needed. We are proud that we’ve made the lives of more than ten thousand babies possible. Furthermore, we’ve helped more than five thousand men sleep better at night knowing that their sperm is frozen at our facilities and whatever happens to their reproductive abilities they have a healthy sample ready to be used. 

Our Mission

“As members of this family we like to give without wanting anything in return. This is why we have a dedicated team of researchers who push the limits of the fertility field every day. By doing this we not only invest in the world’s future but in the future of the couples that come to us in need of help. 


Brand You Can Trust

In a world which is growing at an unprecedented rates fertility doesn’t seem to be such an issue. That, unfortunately, is wrong. Our generation is almost 50% less fertile than the generation of our grandparents. This raises a lot of concerns even though the Earth’s population is increasing at insane speeds. Following the trend, in less than thirty years almost every fourth couple will have reproductive issues and won’t be able to have a baby of their own. This is why now more than ever the need of sperm banking and sperm donating is of paramount importance. We here at Sperm Banking Australia have taken things into our own hands and try to help as many young couples as we can as well as young males who want to store their sperm away just in case. In this article you will learn more about us in general, navigate through the peculiarities of the sperm cell and understand the processes behind sperm donation. 

Before we go a bit further into the matter of sperm cells and their storing, let’s first introduce you to who our team is and what our goals are as a company. 

Our Company’s Main Goals

Ever since our creation things have been crystal clear to us and the main goals have always been two:

  • Help as many young couples and men as possible
  • Keep reinvesting into the fertility medical field by being part of research projects and development of new machines for processing and storing sperm cells. 

We actually would never consider neither of those goals achieved as there will always be room for improvement. Every day a different person comes to us asking us for help either for storing his sperm cells for a good amount of time or for taking sperm cells for DI or IVF procedures. We take both of those tasks seriously as they are of the same value to us.

If you want to hear more about the team of people working in our company, make sure you check out our About Us page. You will find the exact reason we are one of Australia’s leaders in sperm storing and see for yourself whether you can trust us with the future of your family.

The Sperm Cell – Creating Life One Cell At A Time

It is common knowledge that the cells creating life are two – the female egg and the male’s sperm cell. Both of those are individually useless as life can be created only when they combine in a process called fertilization. The sperm cell has the harder journey of them both since it has to travel great distances (for its size) to reach its final destination. So, let’s dive deeper into what some consider the “superman” cell. 

The production of these cells takes place in the male genitalia also known as the testicles. This production is constant and almost never slows down (or stops) unless that is caused by external factors. Such disruptive factors can be smoking, drinking, drugs, eating unhealthy food, not exercising often, and other bad habits. Other factors such as wi-fi signals and heat also affect the productions of sperm cells. This is why putting your smartphone between your legs while driving or having your laptop stay on your lap for too long can be both equally damaging. 

The sperm cell is also responsible for the gender of your future kid as well. Since the female cell always contains an X chromosome it is up to the sperm cell whether the baby will be a boy a girl. If the sperm cell carries a Y chromosome the baby will have an XY couple, meaning it will be a boy, or if it carries another X chromosome, the baby will have two X chromosomes making it female. 

Some of the most iconic characteristics of the sperm cells are:

  • The Flagellum – the propeller on the back of every sperm cell responsible for its motility through the female genitalia. 
  • Head shaped bodies – this allows the sperm cell to carry genetic information in its “head” where it also stored enzyme cocktails used to dissolve the membrane of the female egg. 
  • Powerful mitochondria – To be able to move throughout all its journey these cells need an extra power source. This is why in them they have an unusually high amount of mitochondria organelles. 

To create a better environment for the sperm the male body mixes the cells with fluids from the seminal vesicles, prostate, and bulbourethral glands. This results in a fluid which is only 30% sperm cells and 70% amino acids, enzymes, proteins, vitamin C, fructose, and others. 

To learn more interesting facts about sperm cells, head over to our Article on the topic.

The Cost Of Investing In Your Family’s Future

Biological Standpoint

We like to think of this as an investment into the future of your family, therefore putting a price to it seems silly. This is why our individual price plans are made to fit into your budget and not redline it. 

If you want to get a price quote, make sure you book an appointment with one of our agents. Then, a consultant will get back to you and arrange it at an appropriate time and date for you. The meeting or consultation can happen over the phone or in person. Everything here is done to make things easier for you since we know how stressful these conversations can be. 

We also specialize in working with doctors from almost all fertility clinics in Australia, so if you want, we can discuss matters in the presence of your physician. 

Now let’s take a closer look at the exact procedures taking place when sperm cells are stored away.

A Quality Process From Start To Finish

The process of sperm donation can theoretically be divided into a few stages:

  • Filling out a questionnaire
  • Passing the needed requirements for being a donor
  • Giving a sample
  • Going through the whole 6 month donation course
  • Processing and Storing the cells


Firstly, the potential donor fills a questionnaire which involves all sorts of questions spanning from his physical characteristics all the way to his hobbies. This can be done either in the facility or over the phone. 

The next step is where the donor passes all our requirements. You can learn more about them in our dedicated article on the topic.

After passing all requirements, and after the donor is checked by one of our medical professionals he moves on to the donation stage where he gives a semen sample which is thoroughly tested in our laboratories for its characteristics. Those involve sperm count, motility, DNA testing, etc. 

After the sample is approved the donor then becomes an official donor and is now part of our list of donors from which women can pick. His identity and details can either be private (therefore he is listed as anonymous) or can be completely revealed including pictures of him. 

The donor has to give sperm samples 4 times a month for at least 6 months. All of them are tested individually and then stored in cryogenic conditions (roughly -180 degrees Celsius). The freezing process is done with liquid nitrogen and is called “flash freezing” since all human cells theoretically cannot withstand a slow freezing process due to the internal crystallization and tearing up happening inside the cell. 

If a patient wants to store his sperm away, all the first steps are skipped and he only gets a complete analysis of his sperm just for personal information. Once the sperm is frozen he can go on with his life and just check the status of the sample whenever he wants over the phone. 

Where science is involved, emotions and feelings often tend to be left behind as they usually get in the way of objectivity and scientific progress. Still, we feel like in our line of business feelings are what matters the most and the positive emotions our work ignites is what keeps our company’s fire burning. We as a team feel proud that we’ve helped thousands of families have their dream come true and have a beautiful baby born into this world. Furthermore, we’ve helped countless men to store their sperm for a more difficult period of their lives. Here is what some of those people had to say about us:

Our Clients’ Testimonials

Sperm Banking Customers

I was diagnosed with lung cancer (in  its early stages) when the doctor told me the best course of treatment will be chemotherapy. I immediately accepted as the chances of total remission were extremely high in my case due to the early stage of the disease. Nonetheless, I started reading on the potential risks of this therapy and one of them was loss of potency. This made me extremely nervous so I sought a medical advice. From the moment I called Sperm Banking Australia I was dealt with nothing but the highest level of professionalism. The agents over the line answered all my questions and told me that I can store my sperm for as much time I want. This was great since I always wanted a family of my own someday. I am cancer free now and me and my wife have two kids thanks to my decision. Thank you! 

Ashton Pittman

Scullin, ACT

I always wanted to be a sperm donor because I had a lot of friends with fertility issues. The guys over at SB Australia helped me with everything during the signup process and I actually turned out to be an ideal candidate for the job. I gave as many samples as they wanted for a course of 6 months. They told me I helped 4 couples get their first babies. Probably my greatest achievement up to date. 

Dominic Gow

Welsby, QLD

Me and my husband have been trying to get a baby for over a year now. We both got tested and it turned out that he has low sperm cell count. He was fine with us getting a donor so we contacted what our friends suggested as the best company for this job. Few months later and a simple IVF procedure, I got pregnant with our first child. Thanks to the whole team of professionals and I hope we expand the family even further soon! 

Olivia Macnaghten

Camp Hill, QLD

To read more of our customer’s stories, head over to our dedicated Testimonials Page.